Meet the Maker

I’m Katie, an art and design student with roots dug deep in the Carolina clay. In addition to being a student, I devote my time to creating and sharing my art, as well as working as a freelance illustrator and designer. I love exploring a range of mediums, including watercolor, acrylic, sculpture, and a mix of many!


I was raised in the quiet farmland just outside Statesville, North Carolina. It was here that I spent my childhood falling in love with the landscapes and wildlife surrounding me. Among my most cherished memories are spending summer nights learning to call whippoorwills closer by replicating their haunting call, and gathering wildflowers in the field behind our home. I feel that the experiences here have heavily influenced who I am as an artist. I strive to create work that celebrates the beauty of our natural world, especially as seen here in the Carolinas.


Although I’m currently studying in Raleigh, far from the fields and forests my heart calls home, I find that my work reflects my love for this place. As I grow older and explore more of our world, nature remains my largest inspiration.

I found a love for creating with natural found objects during a summer visit to Topsail Island, NC. I gathered a few solid white seashells during a morning walk. They looked just like tiny canvases, and I just had to paint them. I soon began to see tiny canvases everywhere! You can now find my painted seashells in a local gift shop there, and along the shore every once and a while. I love to leave them among unpainted shells on the shore for other beachgoers to discover! 


My breadth of canvases soon grew from seashells to pebbles, leaves, acorns, feathers, and everything in between. I now find myself incorporating found natural elements into many of my artworks. I love the idea that the natural world and I are collaborating when I create. Art is in my nature, and nature is in my art!


It is my hope that through my work, you will find a deeper love and respect for our natural home. We are fortunate to be a small piece in the most magnificent masterpiece. May you find yourself in awe of every leaf, and in love with every creature!


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Instagram: @KatieBrooksArt