Meet the Artist

Hi y’all! I am an artist and student with roots dug deep in the Carolina clay. I am always exploring new mediums, but I am best known for my Nature + Art series, consisting of acrylic landscape paintings on found natural canvases. 


I grew up in a rural community just outside Statesville, NC. It was there that I fell in love with the natural world and decided to embark on the reckless pursuit of becoming an artist. 


Now, I am in my senior year of studying Art + Design at NC State University’s College of Design. My time here as a university student has been wildly enriching. I have been blessed with company here whose brilliance is matched only by their kindness. The community I have found here has introduced me to new experiences that challenge my perception of life and art for the better.


I find a peace in creating that pushes me to keep painting. I believe art-making is an act of reverence, and we are called to celebrate the things that matter. 


We are cast into life, surrounded by both distraction and wonder, tasked with making sense of it all. It is my hope that the pieces I create offer you a moment of peace, which in turn inspires a lasting sense of reverence for the subtle things in this life that we all too often overlook.