Meet the Artist


I'm Katie, a visual artist exploring the use of found natural artifacts as canvas. 

While other artifacts are often used in my paintings, my focus is preserved leaves as canvas. These paintings often depict the landscape from which the leaf itself originates. I find this gives my paintings a more meaningful connection to the places they represent.


Of course, this means working on a surface far more fragile than a traditional canvas. This process requires a carefulness that makes me a more intentional artist. Working with potentially temporary materials challenges the idea of permanence as integral to art’s value. In this, I am reminded that the transience of our work in no way diminishes its importance. 


I find a peace in creating that pushes me to keep painting. I believe art-making is an act of reverence, and we are called to celebrate the things that matter. 

The subtle and nonpermanent elements of life grow less noticeable to us in our ever-pressing pursuit of progress. Through my work, I hope to call our attention back to what grounds us, and cultivate a renewed sense of reverence towards the understated. 


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