After Rain
Bee Haven
Morning Reflection
Brushstroke Hills
These Golden Days are Fleeting
Endless Pines
Chameleon Skull Study
Rural Storm
New River - Ashe County, NC
Autumn Chapel
Topsail Evening
Cicada's Farewell
Blue Ridge Sunset
Oak Island
A Chorus in the Wind
Sunrise Migration
Missing Busteni
Views of Topsail
Mountain Fog
Ivy Forest
Topsail Sunrise
Earth Slips into Repose
A Familiar View
Carolina Crowned in Lavender
Tool Transformation
Martita's Gift
Resting Fawn
Pin Oak Paintings
Greener Days Ahead
San Nicholas
Whippoorwill and Gingko
Silent Night
Pattern Tile System
Views of Topsail

A few of my favorite painted seashells from 2018's restock batch; to be sold at The Mermaid's Purse in Topsail, NC.