After Rain
Bee Haven
Morning Reflection
Brushstroke Hills
These Golden Days are Fleeting
Endless Pines
Chameleon Skull Study
Rural Storm
New River - Ashe County, NC
Autumn Chapel
Topsail Evening
Cicada's Farewell
Blue Ridge Sunset
Oak Island
A Chorus in the Wind
Sunrise Migration
Missing Busteni
Views of Topsail
Mountain Fog
Ivy Forest
Topsail Sunrise
Earth Slips into Repose
A Familiar View
Carolina Crowned in Lavender
Tool Transformation
Martita's Gift
Resting Fawn
Pin Oak Paintings
Greener Days Ahead
San Nicholas
Whippoorwill and Gingko
Silent Night
Pattern Tile System
Tool Transformation

A frame from my 7 piece tool-to-narrative transformation series completed as a studio assignment. Ink on bristol (12x12"). Click the link below to view the full series.

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